French in the EYFS and Primary School

The French language and culture is taught and celebrated right through the school, from Early Years 1 to Grade 6. As well as a formal language lesson taking place, we try to develop an understanding and appreciation of French culture outside of these lessons through other subjects, such Geography and History. We also celebrate special French events, such as La Semaine de Goût (Tasting Week) and every year the French Department organise ‘French Day’ for the whole school.

In the Early Years, French is taught informally through play-based activities presented by a French-speaking teacher or assistant. In this way, the children begin to recognise common French vocabulary and phrases.

From Reception class upwards, the children are split into a minimum of two groups, depending on their level of French. These groups are: French as a Foreign Language (FLE) and French as a Mother-Tongue (FLM). Depending on the class size and differences in levels, sometimes the FLE groups will be split again into Beginner FLE and Intermediate FLE.

To find out more about what your child will be learning in class, follow the links to FLM or FLE.