At the International School of Béarn, Music has formed an important dimension of the Primary school curriculum. Music is a life-enhancing subject and is essential for the children’s development. It plays a key role in the stimulation of creative thinking. The Music Department is developing young minds through exploration, discovery and creativity. The Music lessons are geared towards developing an appreciation for Music through singing and the use of instruments with year-round shows and Assemblies. Music plays a key role in the education of a student and in the life of the school. From Early years to Grade 6, the students get to perform at different times of the year in concerts and shows. Early Years and Reception have their annual Winter Show which they perform every December. They also perform for Theme Day in June. Grade 1 and 2 perform a Winter Show in December which is performed as a musical. Grades 3 to 6 have their annual Musical Breakfast which is set like a concert. In June, they also present an end of the year show in the form of a musical.