Education is more than just mastering a subject – it’s also about activities that extend children’s learning through new experiences and opportunities.
In The International School of Bearn Primary School, enriching our curriculum with exciting and innovative opportunities is part of our never-ending quest to Inspire Self Belief. We don’t just want the children to come to school and learn, we want them to foster a love of learning and feel genuinely passionate about the subjects that they study.
As well as the day-to-day taught curriculum, we believe that by offering children rich and creative learning encounters, we provide them with a wealth of opportunity and experiences that will help to shape them.
These experiences may be trips to local areas of interest such as the Chateau-fort de Lourdes, visits from experts such as children’s authors, or even trips further afield, such as to into the Pyrenees mountains, or to the Atlantic coast of Les Landes. Each year we perform Christmas shows, as well as an end of year show, in local theatres. We also sing in local retirement homes and have twice been asked to perform at the switch-on of the Christmas lights, in Pau. We hold annual Science, Maths, PE and French days for the whole school, organised by the primary school Subject Coordinators, and in September 2020, we began our Subject Coordinator’s Enrichment Program. Each term, the coordinators of all subjects will run an ‘Enrichment Workshop’ for a small group of children. These ‘workshops’ give children opportunities to try new and varied activities that may not strictly fit into the curriculum, but that develop character, resilience and motivation, and encourage them to pursue wider goals. Children invited to an enrichment workshop, will go off timetable and work on a special activity with the subject coordinator for an hour, half a day or even a full day in just a small group of children. There are many aims of the workshops, but some of these are:

  • To boost the confidence of a child in a specific subject.
  • To stretch and extend more-able pupils in a specific subject.
  • To give a child a new found love of a subject etc.
Extra-Curricular Clubs

After school, we offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities every night of the week (excluding Wednesdays). These clubs are open to all and offer children regular opportunities to try something new or take part in an activity that they enjoy. Extra-curricular clubs are delivered mostly by teachers and Teaching Assistants from the primary school, as well as by some external clubs and associations.
Our broad range of extra-curricular clubs change on a termly basis and are available for children from the EYFS through to Grade 6. We ensure activities are purposeful, fun and engaging. All of them contribute to and extend children’s learning in school, wellbeing and mental health and holistic development. There are usually around twenty extra-curricular activities to choose from in the primary school.
These extra-curricular clubs include:

  • Art and Crafts
  • Computing
  • Multi-sports
  • Football
  • Cooking
  • Creative Writing
  • Fashion Show
  • Sewing
  • Chess
  • Guitar
  • Yoga
  • Circus
    …And many more